Lots of horn/strobes in grocery store.

A grocery store I went in has ceiling-mount horn/strobes located above every other aisle, with three in the aisles that have them. Why so many? I sure wouldn’t want to be in there if they were to go off. It must be loud.

This type of install has been discussed multiple times before.

It relates to the space and the output of the devices.

I just did a search and I had a very hard time finding any search results that would answer this question. If he had first searched, I doubt he’d find any more than I did.

The alarms are most likely models that are not as loud so more are needed for sound coverage.

Or it could be a case of an installer going overboard with the installation.

I have seen cases of things like this happening in a mall.

LOL ok Andrew.

First of all, it has been discussed here… Many times, and I am almost certain the OP has asked about something similar in the past, perhaps it went the way of the archives.

You are clueless about alarm installation Andrew but thats alright.

Systems are spec’d. I know this has been explained 1,000 times.

You install devices based on the space in which they are used. In some instances an architect has spec’d devices but that is pretty “rare” so you have to work around that.

In a large open space you need to distribute sound and light through a HUGE space.

How about the OP tries a google search for “alarms in open spaces” I know research is unheard of these days when you can just be lazy and ask although I know the OP won’t even pay attention to the reason just that he saw alot of alarms and is scared of the noise.

It does have to do with space. The Shaw’s supermarket that used to be near my house had 25 U-MMT horn/strobes on the ceiling in the main store area (Siemens system), and the store had 20 aisles. There were also some remote strobes in the mix as well. Plus there is usually quite a bit of background noise in a supermarket, so they need a way for the alarms to effectively drown that out.

But the Shaw’s supermarket near my college has a rather small amount of horn/strobes, though. They aren’t on the ceiling, and are wall-mount only. They are mostly electronic horns on SAE AV32 strobe plates, as well as at least one SAE VA4 horn/strobe (Simplex 2001 system.)

lol you counted them?

A grocery store near me just has wall-mount horn/strobes. No ceiling-mount NAs. There’s one located on one of the poles.

They shouldn’t have three horn/strobes located over every other aisle in the grocery store. Because if it’s too loud, it may cause damage to one’s hearing.