Lots of new fire alarm panels for sale

I don’t as selling on eBay for years until they decided they wanted receipts for everything I sold. When I told them I bought freight claims and did not have receipts. They canned me. Everything I sell is new . If it’s not what I say it is , I will make it right. I have over 10,000 items at this time and no it’s not inventoryed. Just to much for 1 person. I might not be allowed to sell on this sight ,and if not I’m sorry for wasting your time. Right now for example I have several v32fbpt, tellaguard cellular alarms,system sensor detectors and some 6820 panels by.Like I said , I have alot of other items but no don’t want to list if it’s just going to be deleted. Let me know if you’re interested. I will do my best to respond asap

Think you could compile a complete list of what you have? I think potential buyers would appreciate it.

You might want to try out Craigslist or Mercari if you can. They tend to be a secondary option for Ecommerce if the primary options aren’t working out.

Do you have any pre-merger gamewell panels?

No I do not but thanks for asking

If you can get me a list of what you have I might buy something.

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