Loudest siren you've ever heard

I’m wondering, what is the loudest siren y’all have ever experienced in person?


FS 2001 series, did hear a Thunderbolt 1000T that was on the Cranbrook Museum in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

FS 2001-SRNB from a few block away. That is all so far.

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fs sth 10 right under it worcester pa model 5 at fire house hatfield pa

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emergency vehicle siren
is the loudest
ive ever heard

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Fedelcode model 2 just around the corner from the cafe in Hamilton WA . Closest I ever got to a siren is about 50-100ft from a FS modulator. The model 2 is the fire siren for the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department it also acts as a flood siren.

I have a FS 2001-130 2 blocks away form my house and that thing screams alot (I live in tornado alley