magnetic fire doors that close when the fire alarm sounds. Are smoke detectors required by them?

Are smoke detectors required by them? The Walmart store in my area has Gentex smoke detectors with built-in alarms near all the magnetic fire doors in the back area of the store. I was thinking maybe they are required so that the fire is detected quickly and the doors close before the fire spreads to the other side.

My school has MAPNET II TrueAlarm smoke detectors near all fire doors. I don’t believe they’re required as the magnets will still engage whether or not the panel was activated via pull station, smoke detector, or by using the manual evacuation function (on Simplex panels at least).

I was thinking that maybe smoke detectors were required by the doors so that if a fire starts near one of the doors, it is detected quickly, and the door closes before the fire gets the chance to spread to the other side of the door.

That could be possible, hence why they have smokes on both sides of the door.

Yes, within 5 feet, normally on both sides of the door (there are exceptions).

Those doors are typically in fire or smoke rated walls, to keep that rating the doors have to close on fire.