Major design change for Simplex pull stations

I was looking through Google Patents, and found this patent, dated 2014 -

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It features a new easy-grip handle designed to be usable by those with impaired dexterity, paralysis, missing hands/arms.

I believe they already develop this for special installations.

Really? I’ll check on the website to see if they have any data sheets on it.


Found it!

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Here is the datasheet for the addressable stations which includes the 4099-9020 no grip station.

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I can’t remember where, but I’ve already seen them installed

They have them at my city’s community center. //begin off topicness: I believe my school and most of the schools in the county here are doing refits such as going from 4903’s to True alert speak strobes with a 4100ES with EVAC programs for weather advisories. But the weird thing is. The are installing a Speaker strobe with a clear lens and it says fire on the speaker. For the EVAC system built into the 4100ES they have 4903 series speaker strobes but they are amber colored. Is there any reason for them doing this? Also, the special pull station does it’s design make it easier to accidentally pull? Can it be broken easier? I have seen at my school when someone pulled a pull station and it said it was pulled at the panel but they pushed the handle back up. Does that mean the spring in it is broken?

//end off topicness

On most retrofit jobs the decisions about what devices to be installed are made by an electrical engineer or fire protection engineer. The installing contractor and the equipment supplier have only one choice. Install what the engineer specified. While the EC and supplier can suggest more efficient ways to accomplish the job, the decision to use the suggestions rests with the engineer. If the EC or supplier makes unapproved changes, they will be replacing the devices for free.

ADA specifies strobes with clear or white lenses. The wording on these strobes is FIRE. To differentiate a Mass Notification situation an amber (or other color) lens is used with the wording ALERT.

I never saw the new T-bars while I was working so I don’t have any field based reports of accidental pull rates.

I came across several cases of pushed up T-bars when I was working. Someone pulls the station and thinks that pushing the T-bar back in place will stop the alarm. The spring was always OK. One of two things happened. Either the plastic clips holding the T-bar in place break or the T-bar shears off the plastic button of the switch in the station. If the clips break the handle usually will stick out or be tilted. If the switch button breaks off the handle can look perfectly OK. The damage is only revealed when the station is opened.

It looks so ugly. Not 2B

To quote the Simplex fact sheet about the pull station;

Guess it was designed to meet another new California law.