Make Up a System (2.0)

Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for another round of Make Up a System!

For starters, let’s take a look around the Nautilus Aquarium, located somewhere in Cape Cod. It was built in the late 1980’s and has a mid-sized Simplex 2001. It is voice-equipped, and its NACs are un-coded.

  • The smoke detectors are Simplex 2098 “whiffle ball” smoke/heat detectors. They are photoelectric.

  • The pull stations are Simplex 4251-20 T-bar pull stations. Some of them were replaced with 2099 pull stations with no-grip handles.

  • The main section has Simplex 2901-9833’s on 2903-9101 plates. On the ceilings, there are 2904-9101 remote strobes.

  • The signals in the section containing the tidal pool exhibit, penguin enclosure, and cafeteria has Space Age AV-34 horn/strobes. They have newer Faraday mechanical horns and 25 candela strobes.

  • There is an auditorium where educational presentations and films are shown. This room has 2902-9739 LifeAlarm speaker/strobes. The speaker audio is a 120Hz buzz from the on-board tone generator.

  • A new deep sea exhibit room was built a few years ago. It has Simplex 4903-9356 TrueAlert speaker/strobes.

  • On the exterior of the building, there is a Wheelock ASWP-24-MCW, set to code 3 and 110cd.

What horn is in the Space Age AV-34 plate? Newer Faraday horn could mean anything. I assume you mean the 6120s like your college?

Sorry, I meant the newest generation used in the -9219, the GMS, and the U-HN series. My college had one of these, but it’s since been removed and replaced with an older one.

So no Space Age Electronics AV-34 but a Faraday U-HNH horn?

It was like this, but an AV-34 instead of a -32, and it had a silver-plated Faraday horn, which I presume was the U-HN type considering the SAE plate was newer.

Sorry for the huge photo, it’s not mine; it belongs to U8oL0.

And you don’t know the model number?

I’m going to guess that the model number is A34-BL-SFXC-TJ24D-SH24D.

The first part of the model number is the plate type. The second part, I don’t know. The third part, I’m not entirely sure about, except that the “C” stands for “clear”, referring to the lens. “TJ24D” is a 120 candela strobe, which seems to be the most common type from that generation. SH24D is the model number for both Faraday mechanical horns and Wheelock electronic horns like the EH-EL1.

As for the original model number of the horn, I looked at the Faraday catalog, and I believe the horn is in the 6230B series, rather than the 6120 series like the old ones.

EDIT The model number for the ones in the made-up system is A34-BL-SFXC-TG24D-SH24D, since they’re 25 candela strobes.

Slateport Central High School

There are three high schools in the city of Slateport - Eastern, Central, and Coastal. This is the newest of the three, and was built in 1979. It has a Simplex 4020, which replaced a Gamewell panel.

  • The detectors are older-style, photoelectric 4098 TrueAlarms.

  • The pull stations are 2099-9795 T-Bars.

  • The main signals are Wheelock 7002-24’s. The horns are uncoded.

  • One of the four 7002’s in the cafeteria was replaced by a gray, unmarked 7002t, which just has a tiny “FIRE ALRAM” sticker pasted onto it. Why they would do this, I have no idea. But here’s what it looked like:

[attachment=0]Wheelock 7002T-24.png[/attachment]
(Credit to U8oL0 for the photo, and for the label).

  • The auditorium has Wheelock ET-1010-WS24’s.

  • The gymnasium also has ET-1010-WS24’s, but they are black and unmarked.

  • The library has Wheelock E70-24MCW’s, as well as a single 7002 near the interior entrance.

  • The speaker audio is Simplex’s default tone in the 7 short, 1 long pattern that is mandated by the city council.

  • There are Wheelock ET70WP-2475W-FR speaker/strobes on the exterior of the building.

The Clyde J. Weston High School was built in 1975 and originally had Simplex 4051 horns in continuous on 4050-80 light plates that blinked in slow march time. 4 years later, the horn in the Carpentry classroom broke down and was replaced with a Wheelock 34 on a Space Age Electronics AV32 which also blinked in slow march time. In 1983, half of the second floor had a fire break out. The alarms in that wing were all replaced with Simplex 9806 horns on 2903 light plates that blinked in march time. The drama classroom on the second floor and the media center also had 9806s replaced. In 1998, the chorus and the weight room has Cerberus Pyrotronics horns installed in them. Then in 2000, the auxiliary gym was redone and had TrueAlerts in continuous installed. Finally in 2004, the computer technology room had a Gentex Commander 3 put in in continuous set on electromechanical horn.

Stepford High School

This is relatively small high school was built in the late 1980’s. It had an old Autocall system, which was recently replaced with a Siemens MXL. However, most of the old signals are still intact. The horns are on continuous.

  • The detectors are Siemens PE-11 addressable detectors. In the cafeteria kitchen and chemistry labs, there are PE-11T’s, which have a built-in 135° thermal sensor.

  • The pull stations are Siemens HMS-S single-action addressable stations.

  • Most of the signals are Space Age A34-BL-SFXC-SS24D-SH24D horn/strobes.

  • In the library and adjacent hallways, the signals are Faraday 6120’s behind Simplex 2903-9101’s. Unlike the ones at my college, the strobe is on top.

  • The classrooms were recently fitted with U-MCS remote strobes.

  • The auditorium has A34-BL-SFXC-SS24D-TVMAA speaker/strobes on the walls, and V33-BL-SFXC-SS24D remote strobes on the ceiling.

  • The gymnasium has Siemens S-HPMG-MCS speaker/strobes. The strobes are synced, and the audio is a temporal tone followed by the standard male voice message.

  • The cafeteria has two of the Space Age horn/strobes on the wall, and four of the remote strobes on the ceiling.

  • The signal near the main office was replaced with a Siemens U-HN-MCS.

  • The signal outside the teacher’s lounge is a Cerberus Pyrotronics MTL-S15-S, set to code 3 horn.

  • The exterior of the building has Siemens U-HNH-S110 horn/strobes and U-S110-1 weatherproof strobes.

Here’s an interesting one, installed in Fakeville Elementary School:

The main pull station was the Gamewell M69-7 (two stage, key reset) with the dual action cover (installed about 5’6” above the ground)

The alarms were System Sensor bells, later replaced with MAEH (electromechanical tone) horn onlys.

Panel was some sort of relay-based Notifier panel with 2 stage capabilities.

Considering the audible-only signals and the pre-signal feature, I’m guessing that Fakeville is somewhere in Canada. But when were two-stage systems introduced? I would imagine a feature like that would have been thought up sometime after the era of relay-based panels. But I could be wrong.

Also, 5’ 6" off the ground? Sounds like a major code violation. I need to know which fictional person is responsible for such a shoddy installation! :stuck_out_tongue:

System Sensor was founded in 1984 though… most major manufacturers moved away from relay-based panels by then. And wouldn’t the system have a Gamewell panel if there were Gamewell pulls? Remember those companies were competitors at the time!

It was John Doe of Fictitious County Alarm in Alabama.

Well, I just became the CEO, and he’s fired. Okay, now I resign and appoint you the new CEO.

I have deleted the three posts that contained a bit of role-playing from one particular member.

I’ve received a message from one of the real-world people who was involved in one of the posts saying he was uncomfortable. I was also rather annoyed to see this. We shall have no more of this.

There is being interested, then there is being obsessed, then there is becoming so obsessed you begin to have fantasies about other people on this site, and that is when things cross a line. Have fantasies all you want but do not tell anybody about them. Or better yet, do not have fantasies at all. The thought of that just makes me cringe.

I concur, this has gotten to all kinds of creepy. :shock:

Anyway, I’m in the process of writing a story about what happens when the fire alarm goes off at Starfleet academy. So look for it here soon. It will also be in Barnes and Noble :stuck_out_tongue:

Bay City Elementary School was originally built in 1974 and the horns that were originally installed were Simplex 4051 horns on 4050-80 light plates. The system was set in continuous and the light plates blinked in march time.

In 1982, the alarms in the art, library and the administration hallway broke down and were replaced with Faraday 6020 alarms that has a strobe on their front.

In 1987, more 4051s broke down in the reading and ELL classrooms and they were replaced with Wheelock 7002Ts.

In 1992, most of the 4051s where replaced with the older Gentex SHG horn/strobes but some still remained.

In 2001, the teacher’s lounge which had nothing in it had a TrueAlert installed in it.

Finally in 2009, the OT/PT room which also had no alarm in it had a SpectrAlert Advanced installed in it.

The only 4051s that remained were the ones in the 4th and 5th grade wing, in the gym and the one in the speech classroom.

I agree with this as well. It got creepy real fast.