Meaning of the "SIGA" in EST Device Model Numbers

This is probably a really stupid question with a really simple answer, but Google wasn’t able to help me out.

Does anyone know what the “SIGA” stands for in EST/Edwards model numbers? I can only assume it’s an acronym of some sort. I see it all the time but have never really thought about what it stood for.

I thought I could remember reading somewhere that it stands for “Signature Series.” However, I can’t find any sources of this, so I must not be remembering correctly.

I just DM’ed the official UTC Twitter account. I will hopefully get an answer, which I will share here.

I went directly to contacting UTC… :lol:

Is that a challenge?

Ten bucks says it stands for either “Signature” or “Signature Series.”

The last letter of that moniker seems to indicate the device’s intended market. SIGA devices are UL and ULC listed and appear to be the standard universal models. SIGI devices are CE compliant and seem to be designed for the international market. SIGC devices are only ULC listed and are therefore designed for the Canadian market.

SIGA devices are definitely the most common models. The only SIGI device I know of is the SIGI-271 call point, while the only SIGC devices I’ve heard of are the SIGC-270B, SIGC-270F, and SIGC-270PB pull stations.

Yes… Lets see whose responds first!

[size=50]I’m going to say you because you directly DM’ed them and I went official support.[/size]

It means Signature Series. I assume the acronym means “SIGnature Adressability” or something like that. Don’t quote me on that one though.

With the information provided by El Chupacabra, one could possibly assume the following designations:

SIGA = SIGnature Americas

SIGI = SIGnature International

SIGC = SIGnature Canada

Or maybe not…

Thanks everyone! That makes sense to me. I’d still love to hear if electronicwiz101 or ccs46 could give us an official verdict from EST.