Microsoft Excel Problem

Anyone here familiar with Excel, and I mean really familiar?

I had a sudden problem with it today. I opened a saved document and when I went to add information to my spreadsheet, the keys don’t function…at all. I should mention I am working on a laptop and the keys and everything else works fine anywhere else except for on Excel. The tool bars at the top also seem to not be functional, they are sort of “grayed out” like they are not selected or something and I cannot click anything. I have made sure to check permissions and everything and there is no issue of read and write access or anything of that matter.

Has anyone else had this problem? It wasn’t a problem when I used Excel last week…

Is the document personal? Or can you email it to me. I would be happy to open it here and take a look.

I could email it to you, it doesn’t contain anything personal, the only problem is that my laptop isn’t connected to the internet right now, I’ll have to set that up. I visited Microsoft’s website for support and it was a complete nightmare that got me no where.

I even did a google search in hopes that maybe others have had the issue, but no results. I am most confused because like I said, it was fine one day and then a problem the next and I did not change anything about the file or its settings.


I sent you a PM. I have a meeting tonight but I will try and get to it before I head to bed this evening.

Did you password protect the file by mistake?

I’ll check again, but I don’t recall ever changing anything. From what I remember of the last time using it, I think I just saved it normally. I think its also good to point out that I have the same problem when I start a new spreadsheet in Excel, so its not isolated to existing files.

I’ll have to see when I can email it to you, Jake. I still have to get my laptop hooked up to wireless internet and I have been very busy lately. My Grandfather is in the hospital, so I will probably be busy for days to come. I actually just got back from UMASS and luckily my aunt works there as a computer tech professor. I explained the issue to her and she thinks it may be a security setting related problem. She suggested it may have to do with a time limit on how long I can use the product. My other aunt was the original user and downloader of the software, so its possible there may be some sort of code that activates a limited use “timer” on any “second hand” users. I’ll have to look into this some more.

Thanks for al your help so far guys, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I know your grandfather is more important, but if you have a USB memory stick could you just transfer it to a new computer that way?

Let us know how your grandfather makes out.

Oh yeah, how the hell did I not think of that? I’ll put it on my flash drive and try to get it to you at some point today.

My grandfather is doing okay at the moment. He’s in for heart surgery this morning and I’m going to try to visit him this evening.

You could allways try and reinstall Excel, its usualy a easy fix that works for me.