Minecraft Fire Alarm Panel

Hello from the UK, here is a topic of fire alarm panels you have made in Minecraft (Java or Bedrock, does not matter)

In a couple of my past worlds I built a FACP based off the one NewAgeServerAlarm showed in his “Live Q&A #1” livestream, all of those worlds I’ve since lost though. I do have a “Creative World” world now, but it only has a simple 3-button panel & a couple devices connected to it (I don’t play Minecraft that much anymore so I doubt I’ll ever build another panel like the one above).

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Also it is in normal mode, AKA no fires, fault indicator power supply led trouble indicator battery and power supply and all other features will be coming soon, I just need to do some more work, also the manufacturer is Minetech Fire Limited, a fictional UK fire alarm systems manufacturer.

Not bad, simple, but like they say sometimes simple is best.

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You are very correct my friend :grinning: