Minecraft Fire Alarm Photo Topic

This topic is for people to post screenshots of fire alarm systems they’ve built in Minecraft!

I’ll go first showing off some of my Alertek panel products.

Current Alertek panel products

MFP-4 (“Modular Fire Panel” Version 4) – This panel is an expandable panel, starts with 1 zone all the way up to as many as you can fit in the building. Each zone is able to automatically detect fires or be manually actuated by a push station. It has two add-on modules available, the MFP-4Z, which is a zone coder module (one NAC for each zone coded independently), and the MFP-4V (adds voice evacuation)

Installations so far: 6

Alertek Modular V.1 (Not to be confused with the MFP series) – This panel is an older panel. It has zone cards with two zones each, and NAC cards where you can disable the NAC. It also has voice evacuation which works by using a trick with a resource pack to play custom sound files in the game. It also has walk test.

This product line will soon be replaced with a new series code-named “Revolution” which will change the way fire alarms are done in Minecraft.

Installations so far: 2

Alertek 8000 – very large experimental panel that has some interesting features.

Installations so far: 1

Alertek AutoLite II – Very tiny 1-zone panel with an automatic fire detector meant for small single-story buildings only.

(No image)

Installations so far: 3

Discontinued Alertek panel products:

My oldest Alertek panel, the “MiniMaxi” (minimal space required, maximal functionality) which would be the equivalent of a 70s system in real life.

And here’s some devices on that system. A push station and a horn/light.

Installations made: 2

Alertek MiniModular – a fairly successful panel for small to medium sized buildings. Does voice evac in a method similar to the Modular panel (above). Replaced with the MFP-4 panel.

Alertek NanoModular – a successful attempt at making a ridiculously tiny panel. Replaced with the MFP-4 in order to have an automatic fire detector.

Installations made: 4

Alertek MiniMaxi II Addressable FACP – another experimental panel. This panel’s design was scrapped though. When you pressed a button it, it displayed a list of alarmed devices in the nearest player’s chat window.

Installations made: 1

Alertek AutoLite – Same as the AutoLite II except used a hopper clock as its timer circuit. Was recalled after a duplication bug developed in one of the development versions before Minecraft 1.8, which caused the fire detectors to fail. Every AutoLite system installed was replaced with an AutoLite II.

Installations made: 3

(No image)

Alertek Lite – Very tiny 1-zone panel meant for small single-story buildings only. Replaced by the AutoLite, then by the AutoLite II.

(No image)

Installations made: 6

Alertek FireSentinel – Very unreliable minecart based fire detector. Used before 1.8 introduced the fill command. Due to its huge size, loudness (from a minecart moving around) and potential to fail at random, it was only installed once.

(No image)

Installations made: 1

Minetech panel products:

Minetech M-FA Mk.1 – This is the last panel on the server to be entirely hardwired – no command blocks anywhere. It still works too.

Installations made: 1

Minetech Maxalert 3000 – This is in a large indoor mall. It’s one of the largest panels on the server – it has 46 NACs and about 50 zones. Yes you read that right, 46 NACs. Every store in this mall has its own NAC for selective testing store-by-store.

Installations made: 1

Minetech MFA-W-10 – Looks almost identical to the MFP-4. Predecessor to that panel, did not have an automatic fire detector.

(No image)

Installations made: 1

Here’s a few Quick Alert panels. We are currently developing our newest line, A series, in a secret laboratory, and trust me. It will blow somebody’s mind. lol

Here’s a Micropan MP-1Kmini, one of our smallest panels.

Here is a newer 2000 series installation. This one has 4 zones.

Lastly, here is a Designer Series signal and push station.

More images soon!

Here is the brand new Quick Alert 3000 series modular system.

This is a prototype unit, none have been installed yet.

It’s very small, and features all of the luxuries of a typical larger system. This really trumps the 2000 series, which are all custom built.

My FyrFlex Heat Detection System that I built myself. (It’s a slideshow, and none of youtube’s built-in music were interesting)


The panel is a custom-built FyrFlex SimpOtrol SI-OT-20,

the strobes are FyrFlex TorAlert TO-AL-57s, the beacons are FyrFlex BeacaCall BE-CA-64s and the heat f

detectors are FyrFlex HeatSense HE-SE-80s.

I’ve always wanted to build fire alarm systems in Minecraft, and I’ve just recently started. Much thanks to Tyler Steffen, he showed me a few basic things, and I took it from there. So far I have fully completed two panels under the company name “Bexar Systems”, both built on the AlphaFactions server.

This is my first panel, the Bexar Systems IF-2. It’s fully mechanical except for silence and reset. It’s NAC is pretty buggy and it’s absolutely MASSIVE.

And this is my second panel, the Bexar Systems by D.S.S. IS-2 (Bexar Systems is now a D.S.S. subsidiary). It’s a 100% command block based three block deep panel. It’s got wireless NACs and zones, a silenced lamp, an alarm lamp, a panel piezo. It can be expanded with a city tie and is offered with up 8 zones. Yes it can be compacted a little better, but this is just the demo system.

This is my first time posting images on a forum, so I appologize if the images are massive, tiny, or don’t show at all lol.

Posting this because it appears those images failed to appear in my first post, I’m using photobucket this time.

The IF-2 The IS-2

Photobucket doesn’t allow 3rd party hosting anymore, I’d recommend you use Imgur, which allows 3rd party hosting, is what I use to post my photos here.

That’s what I used the first time, and it just said “image”.

Oh, OK, I understand now.

Thought I’d upload my own Minecraft system test To show how good I am in making fire alarm systems:[youtube]hzXPZxh2DbU[/youtube]

I’ve built a school in MCPE, and it’s had a fire alarm system since v0.13.0 (possibly earlier).

(two angles) this is the alarm verification circuit and the resettable latching alarm circuit.

here is a pull station and a “smoke” detector (wool on the ceiling grid) this is the view in the ceiling. The redstone circuit on the wool is the IDC.

this is the library. You can see how I put lights in corners. These are the first addition to the building, so I made these horns and lights synchronized. The original signals look the same but aren’t synchronized. They all do March Time. this is the second addition to the building. The strobes flash for one tick from command blocks setting them to sea lanterns and red concrete. There are noteblocks that do code 3 in this area. All command block horn/strobes are synchronized. They are on a “nac extender” and use a pulse extender to turn March time into a constant signal. pulse extender code 3 and strobe flash circuit command block chains for horns and strobes

I also made a newer building with sprinklers. No smoke detectors. A couple pull stations and command block horn/strobes. The panel display will scroll through the active alarms if more than one is present. Everything is synchronized, strobes flash by changing from red concrete to sea lanterns for 1 tick.

the wooden slabs on the ceiling are sprinklers. flow switches

I have designed many panels and have had many installs, I have Installed about 13 Systems. My brand Is KBM Fire&Security.
I also create/install security systems that are similar to fire alarm systems.