Mini fridge possible fire hazard?

I have a mini fridge from the late 1980s, and sometimes, when the compressor starts up, it will make a snap noise, as if something sparked. I don’t know if this is normal for this era of fridge, but I am worried that it might cause a fire because it is on carpet. It hasn’t done anything bad so far, but I am a bit worried.

I remember you saying over the phone, that it only does it when the TV is on.


My advice:

*Get a [size=150]WORKING[/size] smoke alarm in your room.

*Keep a Fire Extinguisher near it.

*try it without the TV plugged in. together they might draw to much current.

I think my first piece of advice would be, if there is any doubt, to get it off the carpet! If possible, have it situated on something non-combustable so that if it were to create a spark or flame there would be less of a chance the fire could spread.

Right now, I am trying to see if it’s normal, like if the starter is shutting off or something. Does anybody else have an older mini fridge?

If it is doing it when the TV is on then your likely pulling more electrical current than what your house circuit is designed for.

I don’t know anything too much of your situation or anything much with refrigerators but I will say that older refrigerators do take longer to start up, and if your refrigerator is not malfunctioning, then what you are hearing is the current jump up when the compressor starts up in order for the refrigerator to run. This essentially is normal for all refrigerators however, depending on how loud the snap is or how long the compressor needs to run fully, then you may have problems with it or an issue with powering it without possibly tripping an electrical breaker.

My advice would be to not use it and ask your parents for help as what I’m describing is rather technical and potentially complicated and I’m still leaving out a lot of my thoughts.

I would also write note the power requirements for your TV and fridge as that will give a general idea if your circuit is close to being maxed out by your appliances.

It actually does still do it with the TV unplugged.

I have a general knowledge of electricity, and the fridge is only drawing the 1.1 amps it should. The plug does not get warm, and the fridge cools fine. Something just makes a snap noise sometimes, right after the compressor kicks out of “high idle”.

Maybe it’s a relay shutting off the compressor.

I was thinking that it was the starter disengaging, but it doesn’t happen every time the compressor starts.

Record it

Could it possibly be a loose wire somewhere in the fridge? Which could be causing some arcing between the loose connection.

I was thinking that. I don’t see any kind of flash, so either it’s internal or it isn’t arcing. I was thinking that it might be the starter disengaging, however, it doesn’t do it 100% of the time. It usually only does it after it’s been plugged in for a few days.