Mini System Not Working

`I have a mini system no panel but it is not working when i pull the alarm. I live in a place with cold/hot temps. does this affect it. or do i need to get a new device. this is my 2nd device in the 2022 christmas break. what should i do. any ideas? also i use 2 9volt dc batteries. this works but now its not working

Make sure you’ve got it wired right: refer to this diagram to know for sure: Will My Wheelock AS Provide Power Like This? - Fire Alarms / Fire Alarm Help - The Fire Panel Forums (substitute the power supply for 9V batteries)

Try three 9VDC batteries; two may not be enough.

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Since a fire alarm is a polarized device, make sure you have the right wires connected to the right terminals. Also, check the operating temperature range, and make sure the ambient temperature doesn’t exceed either of these limits. It normally says the operating temperature on the same sticker that has this model number on it.

Have you tried a new pair of 9V batteries?

Sometimes hot temps can affect the life and duration of the battery. Hotter temps will kill your batteries faster.

yes now it worksthanks

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i have a demo system