Missing Papercraft Thunderbolt template

I have seen the videos by broken solar panel in which he builds a papercraft Thunderbolt siren. I would like to build one as a little fidget thing and desktop ornament, but the template seems to have disappeared off the internet. If anyone has a copy or could make one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I think you can get on on his merch store

Nope. Also, the video description says he found it on the internet.

thats wierd i found it online too I might have been thinking about the character figurs

Do you have a link?
Do you know how to get it?

Its been a while so I dont think that I have it aneymore sorry

Do you know where it came from?

Its been like 5 years

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have you tried messaging BSP

I kinda wanna watch TSM now

Yep. it’s good. Funny too.

His email is not on YouTube, and comments are ignored. But, then again, he is in the animation field, which is difficult.

Try his instagram If u dont hav one I can do it for you

I have one. I will do that now…

ok cool i kinda wanna find it too

I can’t seem to find his account.

yeah the accounts I found were … um interesting

Yep… Why? Just why? They were SO weird!

it makes me queston humanity

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I don’t think bsp has an instagram account. Your best bet would be to comment for the next subscriber q&a as he answers the questions then.