Mix of Fire alarm bells and strobe/horns?

Increasingly, I am asked to work on older existing condo buildings (not high rise) with bells in the common hallways, no notification devices in the suites (except for the smoke alarm units, not connected to the fire alarm system). When adding or renovating suites, I am thinking that I need to bring those particular suites up to current Ontario Building Code that requires audible and audible/visual signals in the suites.

Is it okay to have bells in the common corridors and newer style horn/horn-strobes in the suites? Or should I be adding bells with separate strobe to the suites instead of newer style horn-strobes?

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Hello, and welcome to the forums!

It all depends, if you are just renovating a few suites, it just needs a smoke alarm like the rest. But, if you are doing a full building renovation, they should all be switched out at the same time. You can’t really just add suites and renovate them to todays code and leave the rest, you would have to upgrade the entire building to todays code.

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