Monitoring Old Active Panel via Rasp PI


New here, was wondering if there are any good resources on how to Monitor a panel (Dry Contacts) with a Rasp PI? I know there is PireMonitor but its not been touched since 2017, youtube links are dead etc…seems abandoned. I can work from this project for sure but I wanted to see if theres any other projects like this. I just dont want to reinvent the wheel here. Ive been doing alot of researching on this project and it seems like The Fire Panel forum is a nice place to get info from all of you Fire Panel enthusiasts.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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GitHub - TheFirePanel/PireMonitor is the updated link, but it is 7 year old code that is (admittedly) very terrible. I need to start fresh on it.

Honestly - my dream for PireMonitor is to start fresh with better, working code. Include a simple UI through a webpage on the pi that would allow you to monitor live status of the alarm system. Maybe even figure out how to integrate it with serial, POTS, or IP communications to get more in depth monitoring or even control of the panel. In order to do this, though, I would need to invest a lot of time to reverse engineer some of these protocols. It would be hella cool though.

Heck yes it would be cool

Thanks for the reply Zach!

Your vision with using the pi to monitor a FACP is exactly what Im needing.
My job is in R&D at my company along with IT duties. I search for projects like this and try to adapt it or recreate it using ideas. This is a project I would be interested in helping with testing if you decide to redo it. :+1:

Once the new PireMonitor is ready I am so going to use it on my 3030.

Unfortunately will be some time out I think. I’m working on a few other TFP related projects too at the moment.

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