More Issues With BG-10's

Honeywell has recently announced a new problems with the (ADT/Fire-Lite/Johnson Controsls/Notifier) BG-10 series pull stations, where the seal around the station’s switch can deteriorate over time, causing the pull station to not go into alarm if activated. They recommend that all BG-10’s be replaced or have their seal replaced. Here is a website with more information on this issue:

So first the issues with over-tightening the screw, activating the pull station by bumping it, and now this. The BG-10’s really do have a lot of issues.

Something else to note, is that it mentions that the BG-10’s were made from 1992 through 2010, although a majority of them were manufactured only through 2000, which answered a question that I had in a different topic. :slight_smile:

I think we now have a candidate for the worst fire alarm ever! :mrgreen:

that explains why the local medical center changed there bg10s to bg12lx with wheloock chimes.

I believe the BG-10 was first introduced in 1981, with a second revision coming out in 1992. I’m surprised they were made as long as they were considering all of their flaws.

Do you know what the differences are between the first and second revision?

It looks like they have slightly different switches and terminals. Other than that, they appear to be identical.

It sounds like they just upgraded the entire system. They wouldn’t replace the NAs because the pull stations were being stupid.

It seems like as BG-10s age, the spring wears out, and they don’t pop back up when you reset them.

Normally when doing a walk test, I would just key activate each one, but with these, I would actually pull it first. So many things can go wrong with these like “over tightening” the screw.