Movie Theaters

What kinds of movie theaters to you have in or close to in your area? It can be anything from those old-fashioned movie houses with big, beautiful signs out front, to the modern day theaters we are familiar with.

In Livonia, we boast one AMC theater (AMC Livonia 20) and one Phoenix Theater (Phoenix Theatres at Laurel Park Place). We have also had many other theaters in the past, such as the AMC Wonderland 6 (razed), AMC Laurel Park 10 (now operated by Phoenix), American Family Cinemas (at Livonia Mall, razed), the George Burns Theatre (ex- Mai-Kai, razed), and the Terrace (now an automobile dealership).

For those old movie houses, there is the Penn Theatre in Plymouth, and the Civic 2 in Farmington, just to name a couple.

I don’t think I could ist all of them, there are just too many. As for old ones there is the Strand Theater in downtown Clinton. AMC isn’t very popular around here, I only know of one that is about 20 miles away.

The bigger ones in my town include a Cinemark 16 (with IMAX), a Carmike Cinemas at the mall, and a recently opened Hollywood Theaters. There is also a dollar theater that is pretty well sized that I go to sometimes. There are some other smaller movie theaters too, but I forget their names.

There are several theaters around my area, but there are two main theaters in my town, both cinimark, within a 5 minute walk of eachother. The bigger one has 24 standered size screnes, analog main picture (cant tell which manufaturer), Hitachi(?) pre-film advertisement projector. There are 2 big screnes which have been converted to Xtreme digital but aperently had a really cool old projection system before the digital was installed :cry: . This theater also has 1 main consession stand in the main lobby and 2 sub stands in each wing ajacent to each big screne. There is also an arcade and restranunt in the lobby (both are large).

Our smaller theater (and almost brand new, only a few years old) is unusual as it is accesed by an escilator from street level, there is a large Marque and neon outside on the street for it, but if you didnt know better, the escelator just looks like its for the parking garage, and the only way to get back down after going up is to use the elevators in there… Anyways, the box office is right at the top as well as a walkway to the 2nd floor of the parking garage and then there is a main lobby with full consession stand. It has 12 standerd size screens with analog main projecters and Toshebia(?) sub prjectors for pre film run ad loops.

Lots of theaters around here (including a DRIVE-IN). The closest one (7 miles away) just closed temporarily for a gut and rehab project which will include the addition of two more theaters (10 instead of 8), stadium-style seating, 3-D digital technology and surround-sound systems. Excluding the drive-in, the nearest theater is 13 miles away.

I don’t go to the movies often (less than once per year) so IDK what kind of technology the rest of the theaters have, and because there’s so many (including the closest and second closest, there’s 6), I’m not about to do research on all of them.

Most of the theatres around here are AMC. One of them (which was originally a Cineplex Odeon) was recently renovated into a dine-in theater. The pricing is kind of a rip-off - you have to pay $10 extra which you can use towards food, and you generally end up spending more than that. Plus, the food’s not that good. I suppose it’s okay if you stick to appetizers or the standard popcorn/candy. But the whole experience is rather distracting from the main attraction - the movie.

Otherwise, there’s two Regal theatres within reasonable driving distance from me, and one independent known as “Mega Movies” at the Brunswick Square Mall. I remember that General Cinema and Loews both used to have a significant presence here, before they were both bought out by AMC. One of the theaters around here retains the Loews name/logo outside and by the concession stand, but is officially an AMC theater.

in murfreesboro where i go to school, we have a pitiful excuse for a 16 screen carmike, and then an independent 6 screen, that operates at carmike’s old location.

franklin where i’m from, there’s a lovely 20 screen carmike, bout 10 years old.

nashville area in general we just have regal and carmike. a few of the smaller towns have some independents, but i’m not aware of any loew’s, amc’s, century’s or anything else.