Ms 2 wiring

Hey guys, I got my panel today and I got the horn strobes working and tried them on walk test. But I cannot get the pull stations to work so do I wire the pull station from zone one directly to the screw terminals?

Yes, just to verify, you do have the proper 4.7k resistors on the zones, correct?

Do you have to for a demo?

No I do not have resistors, do they go on the positive negative zones?

Yes, each zone needs a resistor, as well as both of the NAC circuits. Did you even read the manual or look at the diagram that we linked to in your last thread concerning this panel? Unless you want to end up ruining a device or frying your panel, I strongly suggest that you read through the manual and ask questions before you try wiring something up that you’re not sure about.

Here are two helpful links for you, the manual, and a diagram which easily shows the proper location for resistors:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -51512.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -51841.pdf”></LINK_TEXT>

I’ve watched videos, read the manual, diagram. Can you just tell me if I am supposed to use the resettable power screw terminals and where? I have zone 1 terminals to nbg 10 terminals and another set of wires going to the fci ms 6

You would only need to worry about the resetable power terminals if you had a 4-wire smoke detector that you wanted to wire up. You just need to put resistors in between the following screw terminals:

NAC 1 (B+ and B-)

Zone 1 (B+ and B-)

Zone 2 (B+ and B-)

Also, it’s probably a good idea not to be using the NACs or the Zones at all before you have resistors hooked up to them. When I first got my Simplex 4004 working, I was testing out an alarm on one the NAC’s without the proper resistor on it, and although it worked fine a couple of times, I ended up blowing one of the fuses on my panel. Luckily, the 4004 has easily replaceable fuses, but I don’t think the MS-2 does, so it’s best to play it safe and wait.

So the wiring in the pull stations is correct and I just need to get resistors? Also one more thing, if I wanted the ms 6 on zone 2 would I have to wire it to zone 2?

Sounds like your wiring is correct, if you wanted to send pictures of your connections, then we’d be able to check for sure. But yes, if you wanted a pull on zone 2, you would have to wire it to zone 2.

Here it is so far, please tell me where to put resistors

Thanks for resizing your pic, but it’s too small to really see any of your connections on it. What you could do is upload the full-sized image to a site like imgur and just post the link.

Okay her is the link to the wiring, sorry for the pull station wiring, I had some run through the back of the panel because I have not knocked out the knockout holes in the panel yet.

It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture, but is there a set of wires going between both pull stations?

Yes there is a positive and negative wire going from the nbg 10 to the ms 6

Are they wired in series or parallel? You’re not being specific.

If you have the pulls wired up to different zones, there is no need to make another connection between them. Here are the connections you need to make if you want both pulls on the same zone or separate zones:

Both Pulls on Same Zone

Zone 1 (B+) —> Terminal 1 on Pull 1 —> Terminal 1 on Pull 2

Zone 1 (B-) —> Terminal 2 on Pull 1 —> Terminal 2 on Pull 2

(with a resistor between B+ and B- on the panel)

Pulls on Separate Zones

Zone 1 (B+) —> Terminal 1 on Pull 1

Zone 1 (B-) —> Terminal 2 on Pull 1

(with a resistor between B+ and B-)

Zone 2 (B+) —> Terminal 1 on Pull 2

Zone 2 (B-) —> Terminal 2 on Pull 2

(with a resistor between B+ and B-)

Series, it goes zone 1 p+n from panel to nbg10 and another set of p+n wires go to the ms 6 and then another set of wires going from the ms 6 to zone 2 on the panel

Oh okay, I do not need wires connecting zones 1 and 2 if I want them separate

Yes, that is correct.

Okay thanks! One more thing, the resistors go on the panel screw terminals for the zones and nac, correct?