Museum Piece: 1960s FA Panel - Info Needed

New to the forums so I hope this is posted in the right place. I’ve linked three pictures of a fire panel from the 1960s that is still up and running in Southern California, believe it or not. I was wondering if anyone had any schematic for this panel or any kind of installation manual or any information on it at all. I’ve been searching all over the interwebs and have only been able to determine that the Cincinnati Time Recorder Company did indeed make fire alarm equipment in the 1960’s. Other than that all I have is what you see in the pictures.
Any help would be appreciated.


Cincinatti fire panel cover by el_pollo_supremo, on Flickr

cincinnati fire panel inside by el_pollo_supremo, on Flickr

cincinnati fire panel model tag by el_pollo_supremo, on Flickr

Welcome to the forum! Cincinnati systems are pretty rare, and I’ve never come across any documentation for them. This one looks like a 4-zone AC system with the IDC’s wired Class-A and the bells likely wired in series.

I would post a query on the Fire Alarms for NICET Facebook group. I know some of the members there have worked on Cincinnati systems.

Thanks Destin!

That is very good info and I appreciate your help. Your description of the panel is exactly my estimation also. The IDCs are pull stations and yes they are wired in series with the bells.

I will check out the Facebook group and see what they say. If I find anything out over there I’ll post it over here.