My alarm collection!


What are the alarms? I can’t tell except the BG-12 and Kidde 270-SPO.

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I like that collection when it’s even small and I like the BG-12

I have a simplex 2099-9754 a fire lite BG-12 a gentex commander 3 a system sensor SWL a kidde K-270-SPO a simplex 4050 and a notifier BNG-1R

I have a BG-12L and a Kidde K-270-SPO! Have you ever been able to reset it? That screwdriver slot at the top is a huge issue for me.

I have never had a 270-SPO before but I know they have a issue with the screwdriver slot.

I am a fan of the Simplex 2099-9754! @SpruceParsleyAlarms and @Systemsensorp87, I like that you guys have the same alarms!

I actually have a 4906-9101 TrueAlert remote strobe, not a 2099-9754.

I thought this was your collection. Sorry @SpruceParsleyAlarms.