my alarms are

2 simplex 2903 light plates

1 gentex gos

a wheelock eh-el1

potter pfc9000 (panel

edwards coded pull

2x bg 12 l

silint night (panel) unknown model no

fci ms2

napco magnum fire alert 6000 (panel)

2 wheelock remote strobes

1 simplex 4050-80

Nice! I’ve always had my eye on those MS-2 pulls.

I also got a simplex 4005 panel that I found at a hotel trash bin and it works fine

I would trust it with a grain of salt, there might be a good reason they tossed it in the bin.

i had it for 2 years and still works fine

a 2908 test station

6 gentex mini horns

amseco csl24c-aw

amseco shb seres outdoor remote strobe & horn strobe

[size=150]the coded pull code is 3,1,4[/size]

Please keep posts about your collection in this topic rather than starting a new one each time. Thanks!