My broken/non-working devices

I’m sure any fire alarm collector has something similar, a box of non-working devices. These are mine that I’ve gotten from upgrades in the last few months.

Simplex 4251-20 (Cracked plastic)
Wheelock 7002T-24 (Weak strobe, only flashes once every five seconds)
Wheelock 7002T-12 (Completely dead, also my first alarm)
Spectralert Classic (Broken mounting tab)
Chemetron 601 (Missing cover)
System Sensor 5603 (Activated)
FCI SBS-1201 (Broken head cage)

I also have 12 Space Age AV-32 light plates that had the grills cut out.

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I only have one broken device, it is a est siga 278 , I was messing around with the lock on the cover and I unscrewed the the nut off the back of the lock and the lock cylinder fell out and all the parts inside the lock fell out on the floor, I can’t find a replacement lock. (Edit) well that is not all of my broken devices, let’s add my new notifier sdx-551 to the list of broken devices , I broke it while I was talking it apart to look inside it, I broke off the clips on the cover. I wish I wasn’t so damn curious of what was inside of the detector. Luckily my birthday is coming up, so I will buy one and other devices with my birthday money.

Sorry for the bump, but I have a ummt that has 1 part of the grille broken, and 2 tabs on the back broken off. Flimsiest device in my collection