My Cat Likes My FACP!

Check out this pic!

Black cat…that FACP is cursed forever! :twisted:

Just kidding! I LOVE your cat! What’s his/her name?

Its a She, and her name is sahsa…but my mom calls her “chuck” lol idk why

My dog has the same name, except mine is spelled “Sasha”.

The picture makes the cat look grey instead of black, but she is very pretty. I like cats.

Oh, that was a typo! her name is spelled “Sasha” hahahahaha

She is grey! :slight_smile:

Oh. I thought that she was black because The Big Green said she was. Doesn’t matter, because she is still beautiful.

I didn’t know it was grey. I only thought it was black because it looked black in the picture. :smiley: