My collection (Updated)


Alarms over 10 years old:

I don’t have an FADC. The alarm that looks like that is a Kidde i4618 made in 2009.

My SA10YR does code 3 and I included the CO614 because it was made in Aug 2011.

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Nice collection so far! I see a few of your units are missing their covers.

What happened to the Kidde 2nd from left at the very bottom who’s cover is falling off?

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cover stopped attaching

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Did the clips designed to hold the cover on break?

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Not quite! No pull stations or notification appliances!

I got one appliance.

It’s this Faraday 3560

On pull stations… I got one of those fake BG-12s :grimacing:
I don’t know why I did :sweat_smile:

What are you talking about? What’s that got to do with my post?

I don’t think they’re so bad, especially since I have one myself. For one thing they have an LED as standard, which does not require an addressable panel unlike actual addressable BG-12s: the switch activated by the handle turns on the LED, which is powered by the current from the zone.

You need notification appliances like me, I have 2 Wheelock NS’S!

I don’t care if you have one appliance! You need more like me!

I plan on getting more, from my school
Maybe the 4050 that sits unused seems like a good pick

I can order some for you, how about that?

I got ike lots! Have you had that much?