My computer seems to be frozen after hitting a key

So…yeah, I really need some help here. I had typed up a big message to send and now it seems to have froze. I’m sort of pissed right now as I spent a long time typing it, and DO NOT want to do it over again. My issue started when I hit the application (or menu) key by mistake. I am operating with Windows Vista and the key I hit was between the windows key and control key (appliaction / menu). When I press that key, I get the options boz in the top left corner of the screen just as I would have if I right clicked. Only problem is that I can’t get rid of it and the window I was using freezes completely. I’ve had this problem before and the only way I could ever get rid of it in the past was to either cancel the program with task manager or improperly shut down the computer. Does anyone know any alternatives to unfreezing it without losing everything I had typed?

If you can i would try and take a screen shot by pressing the print screen key. Other than that I am sorry to say I think you are out of luck :frowning:

Save as you work

I just ended up using task manager to close it after an hour and re-typed it. Do you guys know if that is a common problem? I’d love to rip that key out, it’s useless as shit as far as I’m concerned.

Stop pressing that key and save incrementally as you work…problem solved.

Actually, as long as you ant doing any programing or some specific administration operations, it should be fine for you to take the key off, it basicaly serves no use other than shortcuts and a few commands in some programing editors.

Like he said… it’s useless.

Seriously. It’s only good if you are retarded and don’t know how to right click.