My F.A. Pics

Just thought I’d post a few pictures that I took over the past three years of unusual devices or installations. The last two devices pictured are part of my collection while the rest are devices in actual systems.
EST silenceable in-suite mini-horn in a hotel room near Montréal.
Very unusual Wheelock WST-series remote light (with a pretty common Simplex bell).
Some kind of old keyed Simplex station.
Very big Electro Vox (pretty sure no one here has heard of this company) speaker and Electro Vox branded Wheelock bell.
Very old single-stroke Edwards bell and light (building was built in 1930 so I assume these are original).
Mirtone 7400 (pretty unusual panel).
Older keyed Edwards station.
Honeywell DeltaNet FS90 panel at the Hoover Dam.
Larger Notifier NFM-series pull station.
Very big Edwards 456-series annunciator for a 6500 system
…and a much smaller 456-series annunciator.
Two Simplex pulls; a red one for the fire alarm system and a blue one that has “pull to unlock the door” lettering.
Mirtone 73204 dual-action pull station.
Edwards smoke hanging by its wires (which are stapled to the ceiling).
Some drywaller decided that Simplex pulls can be flush-mounted.
Old Pyrotronics HS-2 mini-horn (uses an Edwards 24VDC squealer horn).
Red remote Simplex light (got it from the hospital my dad works at).

I’ve seen something like that as well, with the same type of pulls (except for the French, obviously) flush mounted into the wall. I know that the newer series of these pulls can be semi flush-mounted, but I’m not sure about these.

Typically not a drywallers job to worry about that. If they are there to do a job, they have to get it done.

There’s a pull station at work that is surrounded by mirrored panels with slots to attach shelving for displaying flowers.

Awesome pictures; some alarms as rare and uncommon as they are keep getting harder and harder to find. Nice discoveries. 8)

Thanks! Most of those alarms are definitely getting harder and harder to find. I have a few more pics that I didn’t think of including in my previous post.
Edwards model 78 pull station (pretty weird design).
Mircom branded Fire-Lite MS-4024 panel. Not much of these are left.
Unelco pull station with French lettering.

The following pictures are of alarms from my collection.
Edwards 5520D Duotronic horn/siren.
Edwards of Canada 339 chime.
Faraday 5506 horn/strobe.
Pyr-A-Larm BDC-624 bell (manufactured by Autocall)
Simplex FM-950KE pull station (manufactured by Electro Vox).
Edwards of Canada model 24 Adaptabel mini-bell.
Edwards 8250-0 coded pull station (got it N.I.B.)
Edwards of Canada 6100D-6 Durabel bell.
Older Edwards of Canada 270-SPO pull station with French lettering.

That’s a French version of a Standard pull!

It is indeed! :smiley: We have those really rare pulls at my school.