My Fire Alarm Collection as of 1/21/22

Happy fire alarm Friday everyone. My fire alarm collection as of 1/21/22. Left to right:

  1. Fire Lite 411UDAC
  2. Kidde Scorpio
  3. Gentex GECB-24PWB
  4. Notifier NBG-10
  5. Wheelock MIZ-TC12-W
  6. Wheelock RS-241575-VFR
  7. Wheelock MT-24-LSM-VFR
  8. Wheelock NS-24MCW-FW
  9. Fire Lite BG-12
  10. System Sensor 4W-B
  11. Siemens/Cerberus Pyrotronics MSI-10B
  12. Kidde i9040
  13. Amseco MBA-10-24
  14. System Sensor P241575
  15. Simplex 4251-21
  16. Siemens U-MCS-W
  17. System Sensor P2R
  18. Simplex 2901-9838
  19. Wheelock 7002T (converted to a horn light.)
  20. Wheelock 7002T
  21. System Sensor MASS-2415ADA
  22. System Sensor 2424
  23. Simplex 2098 9636 with 9211
  24. Fake BG-12L
  25. Simplex 2903-9001
  26. Simplex 4903-9101
  27. System Sensor P2RL
  28. System Sensor 2W-B
  29. Simplex 4904-9135
  30. Wheelock AS-24MCW-FR
  31. System Sensor SCWL
  32. FCI MS-6
  33. Radionics/Bosch D273
  34. Simplex 2098-9201 with 9211
  35. Wheelock STR
  36. System Sensor 2151 with B112LP
  37. EST Genesis G1RF-CVM
  38. Edwards 270SPO
  39. Simplex 4904-9101
  40. Siemens RL-HW
  41. Wheelock RSS-24MCW-FR
  42. Simplex 4903-9356
  43. Simplex 4099-9006
  44. System Sensor 5601P

Yeah… My collection has grown.

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Very nice!

The funny part is that I recognize every single one of these and every single one of these is associated, in my mind, with a very specific job or a very specific building that I worked on or was a student in.

This is much more than a fire alarm collection, this is a trip down memory lane.

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I have a blue Gentex Commander 3, GECB24PWB!

Same here, though mine is apparently a weatherproof fixed-candela model going by the model number (even though it didn’t come with a weatherproof backbox & cover).

Should I have the fixed-candela model or the multi-candela model?

I’d say multi-candela is arguably always better, but some devices you can only get in fixed-candela versions (particularly older alarms).

I agree! That’s what I’ll take!

Updated version can be seen here.