My fire alarm collection as of 7/20/2015

ok,now i shall show you my fire alarm collection,even though i have made a thread of that before but that was around sometile earlier this year/last year,my collection however has changed quite a bit.

list of alarms in my collection


-Harrington Signals Incorperated HS-2100 fire alarm control panel

-some random GE burglar panel

Notification appliances

-Spectralert Classic P241575

-Spectralert Advance P2W (5 of them)

-Spectralert Advance SW

-Wheelock EHS-EL1

-Wheelock MT-24-LSM-VFR

-Wheelock ET70WP

-Simplex 4903-9219

-Simplex 2903-9101

-Simplex 9833

-Simplex 4050-80

-Simplex 4051

-EST Genesis chime/strobe (red W/ fire lettering)

-EST genesis ceiling mount speaker/strobe (white W/O fire lettering)

-E2S A100 fire alarm sounder (32 tones,made in United Kingdom!)

Initiating devices

-Fire-lite BG-12

-Radionics RSG T-bar

-Mirtone GSA-M270 (ADRESSABLE)

  • 2 unknown fire alarm break glass call points (made in UK)

    and around 16 residental smoke detectors in my collection aswell.