My Fire Alarm Collection: October 2015

Hi everyone, I’m new to the Fire Panel Forums, so I thought I’d start off by listing my collection. I’ve been collecting for about 2 and a half years now and over that time my collection has grown and contains 26 devices and I am planning on getting more in the near future. :wink: I’ll do an update sometime in November 2015. So here it is: :smiley:


1: Exdeder HSR Horn Strobe

2: 7002T-24 Horn Strobe+Dual Projector

3: E-9070-WS-24 Speaker Strobe

4: CWST-24 Strobe

5: WST-24 Strobe


1: 4904-9145 Strobe

2: 4903-9433 Horn Strobe

3: 4904-9170 Strobe

4: 2901-9333 Bell

5: 2901-9838 Horn

6: 2903-9101 Strobe Plate

7: 4903-9101 Strobe Plate

8: 4904-9501 Strobe

Federal Siganl:

1: 450-D Horn ( Re-Branded Simplex 4041 )

System Sensor:

1: SPSR Speaker Strobe

2: P2R Horn Strobe


1: S464G1007 Adressable Pull Station ( Rebranded Fire-Lite BG-12LX )

2: TC806A1037 Adressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector


1: LNG-1R Conventional Pull Station


1: M46-28 Conventional Pull Station


1: 101-23-1 Conventional Pull Station

Fire Control Instruments ( FCI ) :

1: MS-6 Conventional Pull Station

Cerberus Pyrotronics:

1: MT-S17-S Horn Strobe


1: GEC-24-1575WR ( Commander 2 ) Horn Strobe

2: GX90S-4-1575WR Horn Strobe


1: ADTGAR-S7VM Genesis Speaker Strobe

Looks like you’ve got a nice collection going! Is the dual projector specifically made by Wheelock for the 7002T, or is it ‘generic’ from a different manufacturer? If it is special to the 7002T I’d love to see a picture of it.

Thanks! And yeah the dual projector for my 7002T is made by Wheelock. Not sure of the model # though.

Here's a pic:

Thanks! And yeah the dual projector for my 7002T is made by Wheelock. Not sure of the model # though.

Here’s a pic:

Woah! That is pretty cool!!

I’m guessing dual projectors are designed for hallways, where it’s more important for the sound to travel left and right rather than straight into another wall. Either way, that’s a cool find!

My Notifier TP dual-projector appears identical to your Wheelock version. I wonder if Wheelock and Notifier had some sort of rebranding deal way back then.

That’s interesting. I have seen one building with Notifier rebranded 34T-24’s and Notifier BNG-1’s in a parking garage in my area so maybe Notifier rebranded Wheelock devices back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

They did. Jared and I both have some older Wheelock horns with Notifier labels on them. You can probably see them on Jared’s collection site.

Cool. Other companies in my area, such as Honeywell, rebranded a lot of older Wheelock products. Pittsburgh International Airport is one example. They have Wheelock e9070+WS-24 speaker strobes that were installed in 1992 rebranded by Honeywell and I believe they are on a Honeywell Delta Net FS-90 system. Many other buildings in my area have Honeywell rebranded Wheelock A/Vs.