My Fire Alarm Collection

This is my fire alarm collection, as of today!

As you can see, so far it is quite an extensive collection, considering it all started out with 3 house smoke alarms. The only thing missing is my fire alarm panel I’m getting, a Siemens TXL. I don’t know if anyone has heard about it, it is basically a Mircom 1025T panel. Later on, I will post a video of me explaining my collection, and a link to my website with the FA collection page (when I finish it).

That is a LOT of bells.

One of these?

That’s a txl if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, I’m from Canada, bells are very common here! That’s why I own so many lol

Actually, yes! In fact, that’s the one I bought! I just got it today in the mail, and it is actually a re branded Mircom 102T. So far, been testing it out, it is a pretty neat little panel. Just a question, do I have to add a ELR for the bell and pull station? Because I have troubles on both zones and the NAC circuit.

Yes, a 3.9k EOLR would go at the last device on each circuit. If there is nothing on that circuit, just put an EOLR at the terminals.

I saw those TXLs on eBay last week and was surprised by their pretty low price. Seems like you got a really good deal on a somewhat uncommon panel as these Siemens-branded FA-100s with the black enclosure appear to be harder to find. I believe Siemens only sells their Mircom-built TXL panels in Canada, also available as a rebranded FA-1000 system.

On an unrelated note, a local restaurant with a panel identical to the one you purchased actually had a major fire this morning (third time this year); I think they’re making good use of their system!

BTW, nice collection! I’m still jealous of your Edwards 274-series pull station and grey “Fire Bell”. :lol:

Yeah, at that price, I told myself, “If I’m going to get a panel, it’s going to be this one!” :stuck_out_tongue: If anyone is looking for a panel, the guy relisted the other one. It’s a good panel for a good price: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 0874568954”></LINK_TEXT>

& Thank you! I’d never though I’d have such a big collection when I started collecting, but here I am!

Also, Here is a video of me just doing a basic test on my panel:


I do have some more questions about some connections of the panel, Like what is the COM, Aux alarm relay, and the trouble relay for?

You have a lot of the SPO pull station, did you get a lot, or do you just love that pull? Are those bells made by Edwards? If so, that is a lot of Edwards/EST devices.

Yeah, it was a little of both. It is probably my most favourite pull station, plus Edwards fire alarms as well. I do live in Canada, a part of Canada that has mostly Edwards systems all around. It would make sense since Edwards had locations in Owen Sound and Scarborough.

I like that square smoke alarm. It a Westclox (yes, the alarm clock people) unit. Can you get some close ups and maybe a video please?

I like that red Adapt-a-Horn that you have. The red horns are the ones that are DC right?

Both AC and DC models can be either red or gray, but the majority of red ones out there would be DC since they’re for fire alarm signaling use.

Yes, when I get time this week, I will make a video of it!

But the red ones were more likely to be DC I take it? I know some DC horns sound like Gentex SHGs or Simplex horns.

Yes, that’s exactly what he just said.

OK. I was trying to make sure I understood.

So here are some more pics of my alarm collection, including my panel, a siren I got, and a couple new pulls.

The first set is of my new siren. This is a YS-85 dual tone siren. These are the exact same ones that are installed in both my elementary and high schools, except the ones in my elementary school did warble, and the ones in my high school did steady. Here is also a video of the siren being tested:


This next set is of my old Westclox Smoke alarm. It is a very basic smoke alarm, except very big, and has a buzzer horn, which is loud and very annoying. Here is also a video I made of it being tested:


Here is some rare pull stations, 3 Edwards 78 pull stations. When I first looked at the back of them, I thought I was missing backplates or something to them, until I realized how they really work. Basically there is a glass plate that is supposed to be put in the front, which holds the handle back, and separates the metal bars on the back. When pulled, the glass breaks, and the metal bars touch, closing the circuit. These are pretty cool and neat pull stations!

Here is the finale, some closeups of my Siemens TXL fire alarm panel. It is just a rebranded Mircom 1025T, as i peeled off half of the “SIEMENS TXL” sticker to reveal the original one. Its a 2 zone panel, so it only has one signal circuit and 2 detection zones. The panel does have sort of a “silent test” feature, since the silence switches have 2 positions (however if you leave the switches in the ‘no NA’ position, the panel will show a trouble until you flip them back). The panel can only do continuous, or code 3, although the code 3 on this panel does seem a little faster than most panels. Overall, this is a great panel to have! If you really wanted to, you could add more zones to the panel, you would just need the parts, a soldering gun, and a schematic or a layout of the panel.

Really nice collection! I like what you have so far and I hope you will continue collecting!

Thank you! I will definitely keep collecting, whenever I have extra cash I try to get a device here and there :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey everyone! Here is my fire alarm collection as of today!

I got a bit of new devices, such as the 2 Edwards 439-6AWG bells, the Edwards 272-SPO, The thermoflex/simplex heat detector, some new 270-SPOs. I am still trying to work on a website, but haven’t been able to work on it since I’ve been very busy with school and work. But anyways, here is a list of the devices in this picture! Enjoy!


-Edwards 23 10" Bell (4V)

-Edwards 24 6" bell (12V, 2)

-Mircom BL-10B 10" bell

-Edwards 439-10AWG 10" bell

-Edwards 439-6AWG 6" bell (3)

-Edwards 333 D 10" Bell (2)

-Edwards 333 D 6" Bell

-Edwards 6100 D 6" Bell (Durabel)

-Edwards 340 10" bell

-Edwards 340 4" bell (24VAC)

-IBM RVF-4015-6A 6" bell

-Ansul 6" Bell (Rebranded Wheelock MB-G6-24-R)

-Canadian Sound & Signal Ltd. #A5-6 6" Bell (Made June 1969)

-Potter PBA-6-120 6" bell (120VAC)


-Edwards Fire Horn

-Edwards 885D fire horn

-Edwards 875-G1 fire horn

-EST GIR-P horn

-EST Genesis G1RF-HDVM horn/strobe (2)

-EST Integrity horn /strobe

-Wheelock MIZ Mini horn (2)


-Simplex Thermoflex heat detector (CF 200)

-Thermoflex Heat detector (CR 135)

-Simplex TD-135 Heat detector (April 1992)

-Firex Smoke detector

-Garrison smoke detector

-Norton smoke detector

-Westclox Smoke Signal smoke detector

Pull Stations

-Edwards 270 series pulls (14) (270B, -SPC, -GAO, -SPOW)

-Edwards 272-SPO

-Edwards 274-111

-Edwards 278-111

-Edwards 78 pulls (3)

-Edwards Coded Pull #1141

-Standard 200177 Pull

-Cincinnati Pull station

-Mirtone 73303 Pull

-Faraday Chevron Pull


-Siemens TXL Panel (Rebranded Mircom 1025-T)

-Kidde Fire extinguisher

-YS-DS Siren

-Nutone doorbell (from 70s)

-2 dixie bells

-Gray speaker