My fire alarm collection!

This is my entire fire alarm and life safety collection! Some devices were on my demo board so I took those pictures separately.

Initiating devices:
System sensor 2400
EST 278B-1120
Pyrotronics MS-501
Honeywell S464A-1128
Standard Electric time pull station (front only)*
Simplex 2099-9754
Simplex 2099-9139

Potter/Amseco H24W
Wheelock MIZ-24S-R (x2)
Mircom MH-S25WA
Simplex 2901-9840

Wheelock Exeder series ceiling mount strobe*
Wheelock RSS-24110W
Wheelock LSTW3-ALB
System sensor SS-24C

Strobe plates:
Simplex 4903-9101
Edwards/EST Bell strobe plate*

Speaker strobes:
Wheelock ET70-24MC
System sensor SP2C2495

Horn strobes:
Siemens ZH-MC-R
Siemens U-MMT-S30-W-C
System sensor P2R
System sensor P4WL
Simplex 4906-9131
Wheelock ASWP-2475W
Wheelock CH70-24MCW
Wheelock MT-24MCW-AR
Edwards/EST genesis horn strobe w/ trim plate*
Gentex GEC3-24PWR

Exit signs and emergency lights:
Generic green exit sign*^
Generic green exit sign combo*^
E-conolight incandescent emergency light*^
Lithonia green exit sign combo* ^
Commercial electric black emergency light*^
Lithonia round lamp emergency light*^

Other accessories:
System sensor L series “Alert” bezel
System sensor L series “Agent” bezel

*= exact model unknown
^= picture not provided

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Nice collection! You definitely have some rare stuff there, such as the “AGENT”-lettering Wheelock MT-24MCW-FR (as far as I know the Fenwal-rebranded version is more common) & the no-lettering Exceder remote strobe (heck I didn’t know Wheelock supposedly even made a no-lettering model of the latter).

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My collection is small but it is growing,the devices I have now are: one est genesis ceiling mount horn strobe, white with fire lettering next device is a est 965-3a-4Rw speaker strobe next device is a est siga ps + siga ab4g sounder base. Ok enough of the est stuff let’s go to wheelock now, the only wheelock devices I have are two As horn strobes , I have one gentex device, it is a gx90s-4-110wr. Now on to simplex the only simplex devices I have are as follows: one 4099-9004 and one 9806. Now on to system sensor , the only system sensor device I have is a i3-2w-b . Now on to notifier , the only notifier devices I have is one sdx-551 on a bx-501 base and a nbg-10 I bought off eBay which hasn’t been shipped yet. So that is my full FA collection, yeah I know it small but it is growing, I hope to update this when I get more devices.

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