My Fire Alarm Sparta Remixes! (yes I create those)

Here is My Fire Alarm Sparta GSC Remix!

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thats awesome welcome to the forum!

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Thanks, the Version 2 (V2) is almost done!

Awesome what got you into making these?

After watching a ton of sparta remixes (mostly tornado siren ones) I wanted to start creating them, so here I am. Here is my newest Sparta remix: Tornado Siren Sparta Unextended Remix

cool cool what do you use to make them ?

I use the coding program scratch and then screen record them. I am not at the skill level to make sparta remixes with video editors. Here is My Scratch

nice i will need to check it out later

10-4 (ok) I also have a Tornado Siren Sparta Quest for Perfection Remix in the works on scratch right now. I have to screen record and upload my Fire Alarm Sparta GSC Remix (V2).

Update: I have a Fire Alarm Sparta Quest for Perfection Remix in the works, I only have to deal with the percussion and then upload it. I will give an Update when it is uploaded.

Hey Everyone! I have 2 new Fire Alarm Sparta Remixes.
Fire Alarm - Sparta Y2K Remix
(V2) Fire Alarm - Sparta Y2K Remix
Hope you guys enjoy these.

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Hey Guys! I made yet another Fire Alarm Sparta Remix. (man, I am making these like crazy)

Fire Alarms - Sparta Jove V2 Remix

Hey guys! Yet another one.
Fire Alarm - Sparta Rising Remix (Short)

I recently found a distributor for my stuff, so they are slowly being put on other music streaming services.