My Fire Alarm systems

Here is my latest…Fire Lite Miniscan 4012. I set off all the zones and tripped the local energy masterbox box 333. Gamewell box is one of 42 I have in service on my property

One of my other ones, Fire Lite MS-2 with shunt masterbox and masterbox supervisory panel attached. box 312. This system has tripped for smoke in my basement when the Woodstove has down drafted into the house. It usually trips before the home fire alarm or “big system”

System #3 is the big system, this is a Fire-Lite MS-4 with Gamewell local energy masterbox. box 1413. This covers my entire house. Zone 1 basement smokes and pulls, Zone 2 first floor heats, smokes, pulls, Zone 3 attic heats (194F heats) and Zone 4 is basement Carbon Monoxide monitoring. This also has an attached auto dialer which calls my cell and my wife’s cell when it goes off. Has worked well a number of times when the Woodstove downdrafts or causes a little bit of CO in the basement. I have tripped it a few times using a propane torch working on Gamewell boxes.

System #4 is a Fire Lite MS-4 in my shed. It also has a local energy Gamewell masterbox on it. box 15 uses underground wire to get into the house. The panel uses a 4XTMF card to trip the local energy. Currently only am using 1 zone in the panel and it has a combination smoke & heat, a smoke, and a pull station. I don’t have a photo of it right now, but it’s not super exciting.

Wow, those are some really cool setups! Do you have any videos of them?

I do on my YouTube channel. Paulbalentine check them out…the Miniscan 4012 just went I to service the other day so, no video of that yet.

Sweet stuff!

Thanks Chris!!!

Will you eventually expand and put alarms everywhere like a system expansion or is it just gonna be a one horn type of system?

One of the systems already covers the entire house. The ones in the basement are just for display, but have occasionally activated before the house system. The MS-4 with masterbox 1413 does the whole house and has a dialer hooked to it to call my cell phone, and my wife’s cell phone.

Update on my main system Fire Lite MS-4 with Masterbox 1413 and auto dialer etc. I added this remote annunciator to the basement stairway on the main floor. That way I can see what zone is activated without running all the way down to the main panel. Zones 1-4 are self explanatory and listed above. I also added zone 6 as a common alarm zone and zone 7 as the common trouble zone. [attachment=0]image.jpeg[/attachment]


Two of my 5 fire alarm systems are in the two sheds in my yard. I haven’t yet shown pictures of these systems. This one was installed in October. The panel is a Fire Lite MS-4 as is the one on my other shed. Both of these panels have Gamewell masterboxes to transmit their alarms into the house via the 100 milliamp municipal fire alarm telegraph loop. This is the recently installed annunciator located with Masterbox 4133. Zones are the same as listed above on the system at Masterbox 1413.

I have added a few more systems to my fire alarm telegraph loop. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to post pictures, but if I could, I’d share them with you all.

You can just tell us what sort of alarms you used and we would be fine with that.

Well, I would be. XD

Here is a system that I added in 2017 with a shunt masterbox attached to it. This covers part of my basement.

Here is one of my other systems. This is a “sprinkler system” a shunt masterbox supervises the flow switch and rings the sprinkler bell when the flow switch moves. The box has a gamewell supervisory panel which supervises the shunt trip coil in the masterbox.

It’s undoubtedly so nice and amazing a thing to make full use of your collection of fire security devices, letting’em actually guarding your safety.

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