My fire alarms

I have an Ademco bell model AD 8 and runs on 6 volts DC, and works perfectly (I tested with 9V batteries and it rang but drained them fast). I also have a Gentix 7109LSW Smoke alarm model with a strobe rating of 177 candela (and it also works, the strobe is SUPER bright!), and was wondering if any of you have heard of these smoke alarms.

Went to an antique store and found two new alarms (Well, a pull station and a chime): A Simplex coded pull station that does code 2-1, and a rather unique looking chime, the Simplex 4045-13.

I will upload some photos of these alarms when I get time.

So a few details about these alarms:

The pull station: It look like the many coded pulls all you collectors have. The Simplex ones. This one (Among the few others I saw but did not buy) does code 2-1. There were no keys included.

Now for the alarm: This one is one I have never ever heard of, or even seen. The Simplex 4045-13. It seems to be a chime. What makes it unique (to me that is) is that it uses a metal plate to make sound. The hammer would strike this plate and make a pinball-like noise. I did not yet test it. There is a metal cylinder on top that holds the plate.

Here are the specs. for anyone interested:

The type: 4045-13
Volts: 4.5V AC
Amps: 2.2
Cycles: 60

The question is: How would I go about powering this alarm?
Should I use 4 AA batteries, a 6 volt battery, or a 9 volt battery?

Any help or any info about this alarm would be nice.

Thanks! :smiley:

do you have pics?

The chime is an AC chime, it can’t be powered off batteries which put out DC unless you have an inverter.

I see. I also looked on eBay and did a Google search and found nothing on the chime.

Just took some (Rather crappy) photos and will upload them later this morning. I will also take some better ones later in the day.

Ok can’t wait to see them :expressionless:

The photos I took early morning:

The front of the Simplex coded pull

The code wheel (Will upload a better photo soon, but you can see the teeth though)

The front of the Simplex 4045-13 (Will upload a better photo soon)

A view of the metal plate

And the wooden(?) hammer that would strike the plate and make the sound

I wll take more detailed (and more clear) photos and upload them tomorrow (No promise on it though).

Thank’s for looking! :wink:

Very cool looking chime. I’ve never seen a Simplex one like that before. Probably from the late 50’s/early 60’s.

Yeah, looks really unique, the antique store had about three or two more of these as well as a few coded pulls as well.

I could not find any documentation on the 4045-13. If you shake it, it sounds like a pinball machine.

How much were the chimes at the antique store?

Does it sound anything like this newer chime?

$20 each. Same with the pulls. No, it did not sound like the chime in the video. It sounds like a soft “Ping” in the key of E. The metal cylinder did not make the noise, it was the metal plate under it.

I once got an IBM 4031-2 horn at a flea market for $20 and a MASS for 50 cents.
Nice alarms.

Over these past several years, I have gotten a few more alarms and other devices!

A Cerberus Pyrotronics remote strobe that I have never been able to test, since the wires have not been bared, and are too short to connect batteries to it, and I also do not know the voltage rating or the model number since there is no label with such information, so if anyone has an idea of how to power this thing (and whether it can be powered with batteries or not), please let me know! I MIGHT post some photographs if I am not feeling lazy!

I have a Potter 10 inch bell with model number PBA12010 with a rating of 120 volts AC and .05 amps! It is the LOUDEST bell in the product line with a typical sound pressure of 99 decibels at 10 feet (Minimum 86 dB @ 10 ft)! Since it only had two wires bared at the end, we had to add a plug to power it, so it can be rung by simply plugging it in! It works great! It was only tested once, but it is a REALLY nice bell! I need to get a back box to cover exposed wire (although there is a cover that we taped down) to reduce potential shock hazards!

And finally, I got an ADT (why is this censored?) BG-12 manual pull station, because what collector DOESN’T have a BG-12? Actually, what collector DOESN’T have a Simplex T-Bar? (Answer: Me :confused: still need to get one!)

You have gotten some very wonderful devices so far and I hope you get more! Hopefully you will be able to get a Simplex T-Bar one of these days!