My first home System Test. What do you think?


This system test includes a Simplex 4903, and a Simplex T-Bar pull station. Though I have told the story that I had falsely pulled a real system at the age of two, it is considered a felony. Do not falsely pull these devices.

You were two! What did you know? :lol:

It probably looked like this to you:

I guess it did seem like that to me! I hardly remember enough to know what happened, but luckily in my small town, the fire department was made up of people who knew us, ended up with out a fine. Plus, who designed it so that a two year old can reach it?

Probably not. It was most likely so a person in a wheelchair can reach it easier.

Ah, that would make much more sense.

Like I had said in the comments, you shouldn’t use Simplex devices on these Fire-Lite panels starting with the 4903 series rectangular horn/strobes.

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Gotta love those ADA rules. Glad people in wheelchairs can reach pull stations, it is important.