My Google SketchUp Models

I’ve been practicing using Google SketchUp, and decided that I would post a few of the models I drew.

Simplex 2901-9833 on a 2903 plate

Simplex 4251-20

Simplex 2901-9332

Wheelock AS-24

Very, Very nice!! keep up the good work!

Wow excellent work, it looks like you spent a lot of time working on those.

Very cool! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, you obviosuly spent a lot of time and effort on these. Keep up the good work!

Amazing; in a video game, those kinds of work would likely put other graphics to shame. :lol: Hope to see more from you soon.

Thanks, everyone! :smiley: I really appreciate your positive comments.

These would go really well in a motel I’m trying to make for a video game. It’s a scenic object that can be placed in the game, and I’d like to have it with some form of detail. Some of these components would go great together!

Keep up the good work!

simplex 2901-9833:
Nice job! I once spent several hours on a super-detailed BG-6 model. It also came out really nice.

What game / engine is it?


By the way, do you still have the BG-6 model?

Crap, did I say BG-6? I meant to say BG-12.

I know I made the lock way too small, but…