My growing collection with pics

Ok, I have decided delete my first post which was a reply to someone else’s collection post make an actual post with pictures ( update) I have added more pictures of some new devices. Enjoy




Nice collection so far!


Thanks, I just bought three more devices today

These are very common devices. Do you have anything rare yet?

Sadly no , I hope to get some, some one said that the notifier sdx-551 was rare

I like those notifier smokes, and that est speaker strobe looks familiar.

Thanks . Where have you seen one of those speaker strobes

I was referring to how it used to be ur profile picture in TFP.

Oh yeah. I wasn’t very creative And just picked that alarm off of my paper shredder and took a pic of it, those speaker strobes were also featured in ser safety’s hotel systems series along with some first gen siga smokes . I think that video was the reason why I bought that speaker strobe.

Well it’s simple. I always like a simple profile picture. Ur current one is nice too.

Thx. I like my new profile pic more than the old one

Still nice and simple. Do you have leds on in the background?

Yes I do . The leds in the reflection on the smoke detector replaced some that died

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The pa400rf is rare. Most don’t have the fire lettering.

That is why I bought it

Kinda figured. Does the siga sounder base make the genesis or integrity sound?

Mine has the same horn as the genesis, I wanted one with an integrity horn but I either couldn’t find one or they were too expensive

Do they have different model numbers?

I dont think so, all I know is one is older and mine is newer

How do you know if it has the genesis or integrity horn without setting it off?