My growing collection with pics

Where did you get it

At an antique mall, along with a Simplex 2901-9333 bell & an old Interstate Engineering Vanguard Thermosonic mechanical heat detector.

Oh cool! I would love to find a century at an antique shop

So I bought another device………. Here are the pics

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Ooh, neat! I recognize the base, but not the head. Is the head a heat detector? (going by the open design which heat detectors commonly have)

Yes the head is a heat detector. It is EXTREMELY RARE

Ah, cool!

Oh wait, that one photo is of the label on the head, not the base, my mistake.

I know NewAgeServerAlarm once had F7 & R7 smoke detector heads (the only difference being the sensor type & design), along with a base very similar to the one you have. Does yours have a sounder in it going by the grille? (I don’t think NewAge’s did)

No. I think a sounder was an option. This heat detector is in the same family as the r7 and f7