My growing collection with pics

Where did you get it

At an antique mall, along with a Simplex 2901-9333 bell & an old Interstate Engineering Vanguard Thermosonic mechanical heat detector.

Oh cool! I would love to find a century at an antique shop

So I bought another device………. Here are the pics


Ooh, neat! I recognize the base, but not the head. Is the head a heat detector? (going by the open design which heat detectors commonly have)

Yes the head is a heat detector. It is EXTREMELY RARE

Ah, cool!

Oh wait, that one photo is of the label on the head, not the base, my mistake.

I know NewAgeServerAlarm once had F7 & R7 smoke detector heads (the only difference being the sensor type & design), along with a base very similar to the one you have. Does yours have a sounder in it going by the grille? (I don’t think NewAge’s did)

No. I think a sounder was an option. This heat detector is in the same family as the r7 and f7

So….I’ve gotten some new stuff

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wow my high school just replaced the 270SPOs that they had with BG-12s

Nice! I’ve got a Gamewell-rebranded Vibratone just like that one, mine is a “69075” & has the “B4” grille design though.

I think that gamewell horn came out of the same building as my m46-23 “ century “

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The 5th Avenue Theather in Seattle uses those same devices. I tried to get a picture of them as I was walking by one of it’s exits.

I tried to get them but the crowd was too fast. However the system really wasn’t spread out that well.

Are the pull stations centuries?

They look like your vintage Edwards pull stations with the break rod in them. I used to have one in my garage years ago but without it’s latch top or break rod.

So I passed both of my state exams and I got myself a little present in honor


Well I decided to get a new device, here it is


Nice, some awesome devices there

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Thanks! That pull is really rare

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Oh cool, I don’t really have anything interesting in my alarm collection