My local Home Depot has Advances all over the place very close together.

My local Home Depot has SpectrAlert Advances all over the place, really close together to each other. Isn’t that excessive? I sure hope they’re not on high volume.

Home Depot stores tend to have very high shelves, sometimes nearly to the ceiling. Stores like Walmart that have shorter shelves and high ceilings are able to space out ceiling mount appliances and still get strobe coverage in the aisles. With that in mind, the numerous units in the Home Depot are required to maintain the strobe coverage throughout the store.

The same goes for the audible coverage, but to a lesser extent in most cases as the sound can penetrate the shelving material and still meet decibel requirements in the aisles, whereas light waves cannot travel through the shelves.

My local one is the same, except we have spectralert classics and the odd commander 2 and 3 placed in random places.

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The local Home Depot has these camera TVs in certain areas of the store that beep as you walk by.

They actually have more than one alarm in there store??

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