My misc fire alarm and smoke alarm collection

hey guys, I’ve started my fire alarm topic and I have some old fire alarms and newer ones, I started my collection in like April 2020 and still growing

my collection so far

est genesis g1rf

4x edwards 202-7a-t

federal signal t1 i strobe

firelite b1 horn

simplex 2099-9795

5x simplex 4251-20

simplex 4903-9136

simplex 4903-9426

simplex 4050

2x simplex 4903-9101

wheelock 31t-115


code 1 i9040

2x kidde i9040

kidde i9030

kidde i9010

linear old style dxs-80

the linear dxs-80 i have looks like this

and the simplex 4903-9136 is a vertical mount speaker strobe