My new job and apartment

I started working for an electrical contractor last month. Its in Illinois, I spend a lot of time in Illinois since I have family there, plus its not too far from Iowa where I am from. Its a cool job, I am obviously starting out with the new person duties, but that’s ok. I’m learning as I am working.
I just turned 23, I am very glad to have this opportunity.

Me and my girlfriend moved into our first apartment last week. Its a small unit but its great for us. The building has 8 units. On the first floor one unit has a family, one unit has an elderly couple, and next to them there are four guys (all 20 year old college students) that moved in last month. The elderly couple said the college kids are very nice, they are always helping them carry groceries in and stuff like that, they said they never have loud music or anything, the only problem is when they are on the balcony smoking cigarettes the smoke smell gets inside other apartments since the windows are next to their balcony. I didn’t meet the people upstairs yet.

I guess everything is turning out good.