My new Rare As F*** items

I just received 5 Simplex 2904-9101 ceiling mount strobes. As far as I know, no other YouTuber has ever owned these, correct me if I’m wrong. I have only seen them in SafeTech’s Fire Alarm Test #46. That’s what inspired me to find some and with perfect timing, someone was selling 5 of these, all which I bought. Let me know what you guys think!

Awesome find!

I just found out thesdx and BlueCFL on YouTube actually have these strobes, but still a rarity as I don’t think a lot places have these installed.

I was about to say…

Great find. I saw the listing but wanted someone else to have the opportunity to obtain one of these.

Wow those indeed are really rare finds! Good job on finding them! You would very rarely see them in systems now!

Wow really awesome. Just fyi here is a picture of the ceiling horn combo for reference.

ceiling mounted 2903 by Harley Trader, on Flickr

Cool! I’m pretty sure Simplex also made ceiling-mount 4903-9101 plates, but I’ve never seen them. My old middle school used the wall-mount ones, but put them on the ceiling.

That is a very cool find that you have gotten! I would think it would be just awesome if they made them in a wall-mount version but instead of it saying “FIRE” across the lens, it says “FIRE” on each side. Nice job!