My Notifier NFS-320SYS with AMG and ACM-24AT

My Notifier NFS-320SYS. It has an AMG-1, ACM-24AT, and AA-30 for voice evacuation. Currently my setup consists of a FSP-851, NBG-12LX, a FCM-1, and SPSWL set to 75cd and 1W (will photograph separately)

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connectors on the batts?

That’s a really cool panel! I’ve always liked the AMG

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Thank you! I actually own 2 AMG’s. First one was an older type with dip switches, but the one currently up has rocker switches so I transferred the VROM chips onto that. Sadly, the main VROM chip (VROM-132) got damaged, and now it cuts during the middle of the message and loops before going back to whoop after like 2 seconds. The other VROM chip (VROM-166) is Spanish if anyone is curious. The system is set to slow whoop with VROM-1 (132) to play, and with hi-low for nac1 activation, and slow march time on silence.

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Here are the current devices:


How are your batteries connected? it looks like they are just wires sitting on the contacts.