My Notifier NFS2-3030 demo system

After many months of working on this system, I am happy to say that I have completed around 90% of this system. The system has 2 troubles: “No power supply installed” and “Buzzer disabled” I have the power supply trouble because I am using an ACPS-610 instead of an AMPS-24, and I have the buzzer disabled because it gets annoying. I would like to give a special thanks to @mikedice711 for helping me obtain my ACPS-610 and answering some of my questions about the NFS2-3030, I would also like to thank @TheCarson116 for explaining how to connect my weather radio (WR-120) to the 3030.


You are most welcome!

Now that is quite a setup! I like the fact that you went with Gentex signals: System Sensor ones are overused on Notifier systems (though that’s only because both companies are owned by the same parent: in a similar fashion Silent Knight systems supposedly often used Gentex NAs before the former was acquired by Honeywell).

Have you given it a thorough test to make sure everything operates as it should?

Honestly surprised any panel has an option to disable the piezo, given such a thing is important for alerting building personnel to a condition. Shame on Notifier for using the wrong term though: “buzzer” instead of “piezo”, since electromechanical buzzers haven’t been used on FACPs for decades.

Nice work dude! Looks great! I love those magnetic clips to route the wires. Ive never seen that, might havta steal that one…

You did a really nice job on that board demo setup! I’m glad we get to help out

This is an amazing setup. Nice job

That 415 key is cooked :sob::sob:

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here’s a video of it going off, sorry I couldn’t capture the strobes.

It appears you haven’t set that to public as it says “You need access”.

Oh, sorry about that, it should be fixed.