My outdoor siren

i have one quick question. i have just got my tornado siren fixed!!! and wanted to know if you wanted me to make a video of it.

Yes please! What brand and type is it?

it is an outdoor bullhorm from radioshack and also have a pa amplifire hoocked up and have an app on my phone that dose attack,alert,and manual wind up. also have a mic to announce what im dooing like “this is a test only” or “a tornado watch has been ishued for this area”

Any one els

a bullhorn/megaphone dose not really count as a Siren…haha

Yes it does its loud that’s what counts :slight_smile:

Any siren that you can talk over it is a loud speaker.

All of this is true, the new Modulator II siren is basically a public announcement system with built in cells, one driver in of which is a drone. Any speaker that has a tone generator is technically a siren, even me that mimics the sound of a mechanical, rotor driven siren.

And that’s what I have I have a small tone driver that I use

EDIT: I apologize the delay but I need to find a good time to test it. I will Most likely test it when the city test there sirens.