My SketchUp Models

Simplex 2903-9101 with Faraday 6120

Space Age A34-BL-SFXC-SS24D-SH24D horn/strobe

Space Age V33 strobe

Simplex 4099-9020

Simplex 2901-9332, made using the “follow me” tool.

Simplex 2902-9734

Wheelock 7002 and 7002T

My own idea - a Wheelock 7002T-24-MCW! The horn and strobe would be wired in parallel, and it would have a code 3 option.

Far out! The Wheelock 7002T-24-MCW would actually be practical if the strobe wasn’t pointed upward. :wink: (And if it didn’t have Wheelock’s infamous amount of current draw.)

The strobe is pointed upward, but the reflector is pointed towards the front. There’s probably still a coverage gap, though.

Have you ever done buildings in Sketchup, or just smaller stuff? I use Sketchup a lot to design buildings (or recreate those that exist in real life) so I would love to see any larger models you have done :slight_smile: .

Sorry. When it comes to buildings, I’m clueless.

I decided to try anyway. This is about 25% done.

That looks like a good start! I like your attention to detail, especially with the doors.

Just for grins, here’s my current building I started working on about 2 months ago. This is a manufacturing and engineering facility for the fictional “Stern Drive Corporation.” I’d say I’m about halfway done with the structure itself and the exterior, and I still have almost all of the interior to complete.




Wow! That’s amazing! Did you make those window textures yourself?

No, I got a picture of some old factory windows from Google and cropped it to one section. I created a new Material and imported the picture, then added transparency.

Old meets new.

[attachment=1]Wheelock 7001T’s.png[/attachment]
Wheelock 7001T-24-15-FR and -FW.

[attachment=2]Simplex 6903-9222.png[/attachment]
Simplex DirectAlert sounder/strobe.

[attachment=0]Simplex 6903-9222 back.png[/attachment]
The back of the device.


Model: 6903-9222

Strobe Intensity: 15 candela


  • 520 Hz square (default)
  • Horn
  • Bell
  • Single Chime
  • Repeating Chime
  • Slow Whoop
  • Slow Wail
  • 800/1000 Hz alternating

What if Wheelock made a miniature version of the RSS? Introducing the RS1S:

[attachment=0]Wheelock RS1S-24MCW-FR.png[/attachment]

Unlike the regular RSS, the entire device would snap onto a back plate, and would be screwed in.

[attachment=0]Wheelock ET-1010-WS-24.png[/attachment]

A Wheelock ET-1010-WS-24.

Any requests?

I’ve kinda wondered what a 34T would look like if it had a vertical LSM strobe on the front, and was flush-mount like these horn/strobes.

I did two versions. One is a 34T behind a flush plate, which Wheelock actually offered, but I added an LSM strobe on the front. This would be a 7001T-24-LSM, and would use slightly less metal than slapping an LSM strobe on a V7001T’s housing.


I also did a version where the 34T itself is semi-flush mount. I dub it the "38T-24-LSM".


Also, for those of you who are wondering, the model number format is correct. The later versions of the 34T-24+WS-24 were labeled "34T-24-WS-24" with a hyphen instead of a plus sign. Even later versions dropped the second "24" altogether, and were simply labeled "34T-24-WS".

*EDIT* - Just realized I messed up the reflector



Awesome, that’s exactly what I was picturing. Nice job!


Some pull stations and call points I designed.

[attachment=1]Wheelock MPST-200.png[/attachment]
This one’s for Wheelock. It was inspired by the Simplex T-Bar, along with the BG-8 and BG-12.

[attachment=2]Space Age MPS-series pull station.png[/attachment]
This Space Age pull station was inspired by the 5050-001 pulls stations made by the security company that shall not be named.

[attachment=0]Simplex 4099-9708.png[/attachment]
A Simplex 4099-9708 manual call point.

[attachment=0]Space Age MCP.png[/attachment]
The push-only version of the Space Age MPS.

[attachment=2]Fulleon CPL.png[/attachment]
Fulleon CPL call point. Replaces the CXL series.

[attachment=1]Fulleon Melodi WH.png[/attachment]
A Fulleon Melodi WH sounder/beacon. Looks oddly familiar.