My System sensor P2RHK

It works too and has a mounting bracket
Candela 135
Audio setting 3

I also have a PR2L
And a P2W

Nice start! I’d recommend a commander 3 for your next alarm. They’re a bit pricey, but they’re built well, and they’re pretty cool

Mhm, not to mention 4-wire by default, meaning complete separate control of the horn & strobe! (plus DIP switches to convert it to 2-wire if desired!)

i got a commander 3.

If you keep an eye out, you can find them for cheap. I have seen some 20 dollar listings.


Btw whats infront of it is a gentex mini horn
ngl it sounds like a smoke detector and next to it is a can of SOLO SMOKE :))))))))))))))))

Reminds me of a resort I stayed out, Commanders in weatherproof casing and these mini horns along with gentex smokes.

I do have a weatherproof backbox for it

I do have lots of other alarms. pulls, detectors, and a annunciator
No panel sadly :((((

Better than me, I have no NA’s, No Pulls, and Certainly not a panel. I hope to invest in some devices soon!

If you go to your fire alarm company and ask if they can offer any scraped devices thats a easy way to get tones of devices
Thats how i got all of mine other than my Rss, kidde 270 SPO, and my spectralert classic

Thank You! I will have to check out some of my local Fire Alarm companys.

Same. I’m going to try to make a relay based panel sometime.