My Trip To the Titan Missile Museum

So this was really exciting. Back in 2010, I got to visit the Titan Missile Museum in Sahuarita, Arizona. It’s cool because out there (which used to be part of the air force base), because they have a still-functioning Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1003 that is occasionally set off for special events. They even have warning lights up on a pole (topside), next to a red klaxon. Now below ground inside the launch duct, they have Edwards 270-SPO pull stations and red lightbulb with a cage warning lights. The most exciting part is participating in the simulated launch. They actually have status lights that light up and have real alerts that go off! The first jarring sound is a bell that lets you know the silo door is opening up. It sound like a very small bell, similar to a doorbell but with the arm that strikes it and not like a chime. The second jarring sound is a klaxon (it sounded more like an Adaptahorn to me) that warns you the launch silo is on fire from the flames of the Titan Missile. :smiley:

You need a blog.

Thank you! :smiley: I do have a public-access TV show where I talk about these things, too, so that helps as well.

I do not think that was a compliment.

You need to chill on the posts.