Mystery ESL horn /strobe and flush horn.

Sorry about the large picture… I have no clue what model of alarms these are… The Horn/strobe I know is by ESL, and I think the horn is Simplex. Anyone know specific model numbers?? (these are from my school)

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for some reason i can’t edit my first post but what ever… Here’s the pic.

The ESL horn/strobe is a relabeled Faraday signal. The flush horn is either a Faraday 5920 or an older Federal 450.

Nice pictures; my current school has about two or three of those ESL horn/strobes installed, except that they are re-branded under National Time, and they all have flush plates.

Thanks… Have you ever heard them before?? They are really quiet…

The 450 is too large to fit completely inside that cover. It would stick out of the back. These signals usually came with a Faraday 6120 inside. They also had a louder version called the 6140 though.

Yes; I don’t know if they have a volume setting or not, and while they are loud enough at my school to inform others of fire, they are not deafening unlike the older mechanical horns.

The ESL horn/strobes don’t have a volume setting. They’re just 2901-9838’s with strobes.

lots to say…

the 9838 horn and strobe by faraday, love it, hard find for me these days. I have heard it, one of the local rec centers has it. and yeah, it is quiet (for a fire alarm that is…). Also, faraday has taken the 9838 and tacked a couple other strobes on there too, they’re much harder to find though, don’t know the models or names for the really obscure faraday strobes.

i have a simplex 9838 and i believe it works, but have not tried. i have been cursed with hearing the 2901-9838 twice in my life and both times nearly lost my hearing. Why is simplex’s so much louder and why don’t the two sound alike?

Faraday -6120’s and Simplex -9838’s sound the same. It’s probably just the individual horns. I’ve heard both of them. The -9838’s at the middle school I used to attend and the 6120’s at my dad’s job. Both of them were somewhat loud, but the -9838 seems to be on the quiet side.

The only other explanation it that you actually heard the 6220 (the electronically-controlled mechanical horns used in -9219’s). They are sometimes seen with retrofit plates similar to that one (but with ADA strobes). The 6220’s are ridiculously quiet. In fact, the 6220’s at my school (in the form of -9219’s) are so quiet that it’s difficult to hear the alarm from some rooms, whereas if -9838’s/6120’s stood in their place, the signal would be much easier to hear.

However there is a possibility that it’s a rebranded Faraday 6110-5515. I have one just like it but the strobe doesn’t work. They should be 120VAC. If it isn’t then I don’t know what it would be.

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