Mystery Gamewell Device

Anyone knows what this is or is for? It’s a box with a 2" bell, a toggle switch, and a red light.

I found it in the elementary school I went to… the system is a 4005 installed recently, replacing a 4002.

It may be a leftover artifact from an older fire alarm system. My middle school has one of these installed in the main office next to a fire alarm annunciator (the actual fire alarm panel is a Gamewell FlexAlarm system located in an electrical closet or something.) They used it to reset the alarm system, or something like that.

I don’t recall them ever having a gamewell system. Also this box was really far from the panel–it was at the end of a wing, in a hallway. The only alarm devices nearby are a pull station and a 2903+2901-9806 horn/light.

Also the sprinkler mechanical room is about 30 feet away and there’s a 10" water motor gong right outside.

i am seriously tempted to say that was probably one of the original signals…

btw, that light is the exact one i’ve been trying to describe in my posts about the odd simplex flush mount plate at some dorms at mtsu.

I have no idea… BTW I did find the remains of an edwards system in that building, and there once was a masterbox on a nearby pole. Could this be some sort of interface to trip the local energy coil on the box?

I was thinking perhaps some sort of trouble signal? I’ve never seen anything like that before.

I wanna say that its a trouble indicator on a vintage system. I’m thinking that this may have functioned as an EOL device on a Zone circuit. I’m thinking this because it is at the end of a hallway, which is a good spot for the end of a zone and its EOL device, and also that it has a toggle switch to allow for local silencing of the trouble alarm. So my guess it that its a primitive EOL or trouble detection device.

I wana say no…